Our Original Story

We opened our doors and our kitchen to the community over 30 years ago as a Mom and Pop neighborhood pizzeria, and we've busy perfecting our original recipes ever since. That's how we got to be your pizzeria, Where you are known by name, and with knowing smile, Everytime you come back through our front door.

And it's been you the community. Over the decades, generations have grown up on our food and we've grown with them. Now that's the nicest compliment anyone could hope for! We know that we're doing something right.

You can always count on us to be your Mom and Pop neighborhood pizzeria where delicious food is what it's all about. Providing the community great Italian food, that is always fresh and flavorful what we work hard to do and for that reason we offer our lifetime personal guarantee:

That no one will ever match our quality, because of that key secret ingredient that no other eatery in town exemplifies.....


                                 The state of being an original